Trans Fat

What is trans fat?

Trans fats! Bad, Harmful, and dangerous!

You might have heard a lot about trans fats!

Over time, these years, we are consuming so much of it and at times, we might not even be aware that we are having it.

Junk foods and many types of snacks contain it.

Now people have started to become more aware of these transfats. The regulating bodies are becoming more cautious about these unhealthy fats, which can have many health effects. They are restricting the use of these transfats.


In scientific terms, trans-fatty acids, or trans fats, are a type of unsaturated fat. Artificial or natural, they come in both forms.

Some researchers have concluded that if these fats intakes are done on a moderate basis, then it is not that harmful for you, but for that you must understand the good fats. Like; avocado, seeds like flax, pumpkin, water melon etc. and nuts like almonds, walnuts etc, fresh cheese if you are lactose tolerant, all fruits and vegetables have their natural fats as well which help you in maintaining a healthy weight.

Then, there’s the other type! Artificial trans fats! This type of fat is also known as partially hydrogenated fats or industrial trans fats. Let us tell you that they are hazardous to your health!

These are truly dangerous!

So, how are these formed?

These artificial fats occur when vegetable oils are chemically altered to stay solid at regular room temperature. This is done to provide them a much longer shelf life. This helps the foods to keep it longer.

Natural or harmful trans fats – These fats have serious consequences!

The risk to our health due to trans fats:

Health Risk

Trans fats can cause a lot of health effects!

It affects our health adversely in many ways. When you will know how harmful these fats are, you will know how crucial it is to avoid them! Let’s see where and how it affects you:

  • Raise your LDL:

LDL is bad cholesterol!

What do these trans fats do? It raises LDL! When this bad cholesterol rises, it will cause harmful effects on your health.

  • Lowers your HDL:

Now HDL is good cholesterol and trans fats lead to lowering your HDL. So, trans fats do not help you in any way. Good cholesterol is beneficial to your body but because of these trans fats, the HDL is reduced.


Strategies to avoid trans fats:


Trans fats have various health effects and are best avoided!

These trans fats must be eliminated from your diet. Some tips and tricks can help you to keep these fats at bay. Let us look at the diverse strategies which can help you to avoid trans fats. They are the following:

  1. Checking the facts carefully:

Do you carefully notice the products that you see in the market?

Do you read the facts and ingredients properly?

Do you turn the products and observe what goes into it?

Well, if not, then it’s time you should!

Nutritional facts must be read and understood to walk on the path of good health. There are labels, quantities, and other ingredients, which you must be aware of!

Sometimes, we do laziness and do not check the facts of the products.

Sometimes, while purchasing a list of products, we do not check the details of so many things. This could lead to many facts not known to us.

We must be vigilant of all this detailed information so that you comprehend the content of fats. Under trans fats, the content of saturated fat and fat is mentioned that must be checked.


  1. Checking the ingredients for hydrogenated oils:

Nutritional value

Nowadays, it is very important to mention the labels of trans fat content. The proper quantities must be given so that the customers know about what they are about to buy.

So, what you need to look for?

You need to look for phrases such as ‘hydrogenated’, ‘shortening’, or ‘partially hydrogenated’. These kinds of ingredients contain trans fat.

Now let us give you some tips!

Your product might say zero grams trans fat!

But, let us tell you! Zero might not always mean zero! Watch out for the word “hydrogenated” in the ingredients.

Hydrogenated = trans fat

Oh yes! If it says hydrogenated, it refers that the product has trans fat. This is because of FDA guidelines! The FDA has allowed the food manufacturers to put trans fat as zero grams (0.0 oz) if it contains less than 0.5 grams (0.02 oz).

So, just imagine1 If you are having lots and lots of these foods, though it is mentioning zero grams of trans fat, it can affect your health negatively.

Too much quantity of these foods can lead to harmful effects on your health.


  1. Ask and Enquire from your server about the oils used:

Trans fat free oil

Ask your server!

Question him about the ingredients!

Get to know what goes into your dish!

Don’t be fearful or afraid to ask about what are the ingredients of your dish!

You must know what is included in it, so ask about the ingredients fearlessly.

Whenever you go out to eat, you must ask which oil is used for the preparation of your food. Just ask about which of the oils are used. If you find that the oil used is unhealthy, you can request them to use a healthier choice of food. Sometimes it’s possible to request, it is not possible to request or they cannot fulfill the request.

If it is not possible to fulfill the request, then you can skip the deep-fried foods altogether. Deep-fried foods are anyways not preferred and healthy. Just choose steamed, sauteed, baked, or grilled, and you are good to go!

Grilled and Steamed items are least likely to have trans fats in them. They are healthy. So, in this way, you go out, have your favorite foods, enjoy yourself, and stay healthy at the same time.

It is not that important to go out and eat unhealthily, right?

Moreover, also take care of condiments and salad dressings! Many items added to these foods can be very harmful. They can contain trans fats, which need to be avoided. Do you know what is a good choice? Condiments made with olive oil! They are good for you and could help you in the long run.


  1. Avoid pre-packaged baked goods:


Already baked goods.

Prepackaged products.

Ready mixes.

Just remember to ignore all of these! These contain trans fats. They include frosting and crusts. For understanding what you should eat, you must read the label! Avoid the following on a general basis:

Cut out on processed baked goods for reducing your intake of trans fats. These baked goods could include cakes, cookies, donuts, bread, biscuits, muffins, croissants, cookies, and much more! Moreover, also avoid frozen pizza crusts, canned biscuits, and canned cinnamon rolls. All these foods are harmful to you!

Baking at home:

Are you thinking that baking at home is healthy?

Do you feel that baking on your own is good for you?

Do you think that commercial cakes are good for your health?

Let us tell you, that open your eyes!

  • Self-bake or commercial bakes:

Whether you are baking on your own, or buying a commercial cake, or just getting a casual muffin mix at home, it might contain trans fats. So, don’t be rest assured that they do not contain all these types of fats. Always, always, always, check the label! Check and check again! If they contain hydrogenated oils or trans fat, just choose to avoid these products altogether!

  • Cheaper the worse:

Cheaper the products, higher is the chance that it contains trans fat! Many of the packaged commercial cake mixed contains trans fat! If you feel like buying cheap products, remember they might contain more of these fats. If you want to avoid these fats, read the labels carefully while buying each product.

Don’t just read one product label and avoid the rest!

You must read all the products carefully and then only choose to buy it.


  1. Cutting out fried foods:

No fried food

Fried foods are a no-no!

You must avoid fried foods at all costs! Oils are harmful to your body and you must not eat those. French fries, fried vegetables, or fried baked goods, whatever be, it all contains trans fat. They contain these in large amounts.


  1. Avoid margarine and non-dairy creamer:

Some products contain a high level of trans fat, and these are some of them. Nondairy coffee creamers contain hydrogenated oils. Moreover, even soft margarine and stick margarine contain such ingredients. Many dairy replacement products contain trans fats. However, butter and milk do not contain trans fat. Therefore, having butter could be a better idea! Although, butter made naturally contains less trans fat.

  1. Eat more whole foods:

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits. Vegetables. Whole grains. Fish. Nuts.

These are magic foods that can help you in your family’s diet! Eat these foods wholly which can help you in the long-term. Whole foods are good for your health and when you eat those, you will feel full, and automatically not have a place for trans fats.

  1. Cut back on processed foods:

Cut back on the consumption of these processed foods! They are harmful because they contain unhealthy ingredients. However, one thing to remember is that not all processed foods contain trans fats. Some might be good for you too. However, chips, cookies, icing are a strict no-no, and it’s better to stay away from it!

Also, microwave popcorn contains these ingredients and is best kept at bay.



 Are you tempted towards high-trans fat foods?

Are wondering how to avoid these foods altogether?

Do you feel attracted to these foods?

Well, we guide you hands-on to assist you completely in avoiding these trans fats on a maximum level! There are various ways in which trans fats can be eliminated. With the above-mentioned strategies, you could reduce your trans fat intake if you incorporate it into your family diet.

With these simple tips and tricks, you can help save yourself from trans fats. Just keep in mind what contains what, and then you really won’t have to worry about it.

Furthermore, peanut butter, granola, and many other products need to be checked upon. You might not even feel that these products contain trans fats, but they do. Sometimes, even the most healthy-looking foods are not good for your health as they contain hidden trans fats. Just check the labels, take care of the ingredients that go into the making, and be vigilant about whatever you are buying or consuming, on a general basis.

You can also make a list of these foods that need to be avoided. If you go somewhere or are purchasing at a store, you can check this list, again and again, to see if the products are healthy or not. Once you refer to this list, again and again, you will start remembering what contains what. You might not even have to refer to this list because you might remember it then!

Over time, you will avoid these foods altogether and you can be healthy and maintain your well-being.

Just leave your health on us, and we will give you amazing and easy suggestions to keep yourself running, fit and full-on energy packed!


Treat your body as a temple, and eat your food like medicine, so that your body could last long!

Just maintain, take care, and keep trans fats at bay!



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