Six Strategies to Cut Midnight Binging

Six Strategies to Cut Midnight Binging

And the night arrives.

Its post your dinner time.

You are feeling the hunger pangs.

You want to gorge on something.

You wish to open that pack of chips.

You are about to open that chocolate and eat it to your satisfaction.

Well, STOP right there!

We have got you! Binge eating at night is something that many people resort to, especially adolescents. However, it can do more harm than good. It can make you feel bloated, acidic, and unhealthy in the long-run. So, why not stop doing it?

We know it might be difficult for you to stop this binge eating. You might be deciding to put a full stop to it during the day, but as soon as the night arrives, again you might feel like eating all those junk foods. Let us dive into this scenario of binge-eating and understand fully the concept:

love eating midnight snacks!

People love eating midnight snacks!

Whenever the clock strikes at night, people feel like eating and binging on junk foods. They will keep their stocks ready. Chips, chocolates, and all the possible junk food, they have it all and they are eager to eat it at night. They might decide in the morning to stop eating all this junk because of the acid flux and uncomfortable bloated feeling. However, again in the night, they gorge on these foods and forget about their healthy life.

People especially choose their favourite Netflix series or a dear movie, so that they can binge along with watching it. Many times, a good movie or series that has started encourages people to keep the stock of these junk foods.

Over time, people eating all this junk at night might gain weight. And remember, gaining weight and gorging on those chips might be easy, however, losing that extra weight might need a lot of effort from your end.

cutting out night time snacking

How cutting out night time snacking can help in weight loss?

Eating and relishing those chocolates at night is easy, however, it might lead to gaining weight. And losing those extra kilos could be very taxing and time-consuming. Hours and hours of exercise at the gym and lots of money is required to enrol at these fitness centres.

So, why not control at the right time to avoid weight gain?

If cutting these midnight snacks could help you lose weight, then why not?

If a chip or two that you do not have every day will help you feel better and help to get you in good shape, then it is better to cut it out, right?

When you avoid binge eating at night, over time, it could help you lose lots of weight. Moreover, it can go a long way to keeping you healthy. It is advised to avoid binging on foods just because you are feeling bored or you want to watch your favourite series.

Tips to cut night time snacking

Don’t worry! It is not that difficult. With simple tips and tricks, it is possible to cut-down midnight snacking. By keeping certain things in mind and taking care of avoiding this binging habit, you can do yourself a lot good. Let us look at certain tips for cutting night time snacking:

Don’t starve during the day

1. Don’t starve during the day:

Mrs. Anita feels that when she will not eat or skip meals during the day, it would help her lose weight. So, she does not eat to her satisfaction during the day. She skips her breakfast. She has just an apple in her lunch. And in the evening, she will have a chapatti or two. She feels delighted that she has stopped eating a lot. However, in the night, she feels the hunger pangs. She feels like eating those chips and chocolates kept in her drawer. So, she grabs those chips and gorges on one after the other.

What do you get from this scenario? Was the starvation all day long helpful? Was the binge eating at night a spoiler?

Of course! Starving all day can do you a lot of harm. People try to lose weight all day by not eating proper meals, skipping lunches, and eating just fruit or two. Although in the night, they feel so hungry that they cannot stop themselves from having junk foods.

Depriving ourselves of proper meals and foods could worsen things for us. A feeling of hunger could cloud us when we do not fill ourselves at the right time, with appropriate foods. There’s a feeling that arises that they have starved themselves all day and now they must reward themselves with the best and the tastiest junk foods. But, let us tell you, there is no use absolutely of following this kind of lifestyle!

It is important to eat at the right timing and proper intervals. Whenever we are hungry, we must eat. And eat on till we are completely satisfied. Only then, the food obsessions could get over with and you could get back to living your lives. You will not have your mind always on food once you are content and full.

If you have a complete meal, notice that you don’t feel like eating any more of those junk foods. You will feel satisfied and you would be able to get on with your work. So, at this point, food has less power over you!

See, one thing to remember is that you must be in control! You must be in control of your mind, your eating habits, and your desires! There must not be overpowering feeling from anything, because these emotions could lead to addictions in the long run! So, make sure that you eat the food and the food does not eat you!

Of course, getting this control is difficult, but not impossible! Simple tricks like eating to your content with healthy foods, during the day, and having proper meals timely, could help you kick off this binging habit. Appropriate quantity and quality meals will help you be in discipline and help you kick off this gorging habit at night.

Remove your trigger foods

2. Remove your trigger foods:

So, a pack of chips makes you lure for them in the evening?

Does a bar of chocolate call you towards it?

Does something spicy and crunchy attract you to binge?

Well, then there is a one-stop-solution to this problem! Stop storing and keeping these tempting foods in your house.

Do not keep tasty unhealthy treats that you will feel like having during the night. If there are no such unhealthy foods kept at home, you might not be able to venture out at night to buy them. Hence, no such foods mean no binge eating. This will stop your habit altogether. Even the next day, if you feel like purchasing it, avoid the thought completely. The best way to stop eating is to stop buying. This will help in reducing your night munchies and loosing weight.

Do not store such foods that could be harmful to your gut and body as a whole.

Break old habits

3. Break old habits:

Okay! So your favourite series has just come up or a movie with your favourite actor has been released. Now you want to sit with a pack of chips and watch that series or movie. Stop the idea right there!

Watching stuff on television every night and then binge eating is a really bad idea. Firstly, while watching, one does not realize how much they have eaten. Secondly, a person keeps on eating and gorging on, and later realize that they have finished several packets of chips.

Stop watching TV at night and put a halt to any such habit that leads to binge eating. Leaving such habits can put an end to this habit of binging too.

Seek Emotional Support

4. Seek Emotional Support:

Sarita is 16 years old. She has a great group of friends with who she shares everything. She loves to be with them. They are friends like family to her. However, one day, there was a slight fight in her group of friends. Bullying and peer pressure took place because of certain issues. The dynamics in the group spoilt and she did not feel good. She started to feel anxious and tried to reduce her interactions with them. She did not find it joyful anymore to meet her group of friends.

Now due to this uncomfortable feeling with her friends, she started eating and resort to emotional binging. Every night, she sat with her favourite chips, chocolates, and ice cream, and gorged on and on. She felt better as she ate junk food every night.

Now, this is emotional binging! Many people unknowingly resort to such practices. They feel they are feeling better when they eat junk foods. They feel a sense of joy when they eat tasty unhealthy treats. One thing is very prevalent among various age groups, that many people binge depending upon their emotions. If they feel sad, they keep on eating ice-creams every night to feel better. When people feel shallow or anxious, they keep on gorging chips and chocolates, for helping them to feel better. In this way, they depend on food for making them feel good.

For such emotional eating, you must make sure that you seek emotional support instead of searching for it in foods. Here, Sarita must express herself and share things with somebody she trusts and is comfortable to share stuff with. She must solve her equations along with her friends and try to resolve the differences. When all the things are hunky and dory again, she will feel joyous again. She will feel the spark of happiness once again and will not have to rely on foods for joy.

Hence, understanding the problem and solving it is the key here. Avoiding issues and seeking pleasure in food can only make you unhealthy and lead to weight gain. Observe the reason for binging and solve it simultaneously. When you get to the reason, you get to the source of the problem and take it out from the root of it, so you can stay fit and healthy again.


5. De-Stress:

Relax. Rejuvenate. Rewind.

Go for that trip that you are wanting to take!

Meet your family, laugh, play games, and have fun!

Meet your loved one and your dear friends, and have the time of your lives!

 Many times, the reason for feeling hungry at night could be stress, anxiety, and tension. You need to kick off these three and relax completely. When you are relaxed and in a good mood, you automatically start to feel better. You feel good and joyous when you are in a good environment. Destressing will help you establish good habits more easily and refreshen up completely. Moreover, you will also feel like eating healthy when you are relaxed and simultaneously this will aid in weight loss.

Add Protein to your every meal

6. Add Protein to your every meal:

Different types of foods affect your appetite in distinct ways! If hunger is the reason for your binging, then protein helps you to feel full and satisfies your appetite. It helps you to feel content in your stomach. Throughout the day, you might feel full and that’s how you will not feel like eating all those junk foods. Even at night, when you are completely satisfied by eating proteins, you might not feel the urge to gorge on unhealthy snacks. According to studies, eating high-protein foods is said to cut down the binging considerably. The desire to binge is reduced substantially with this method for many people.


We provide power-packed and efficient diet plans which could help you to fill your stomach in all the healthy ways. Once your hunger is completely satiated with balanced diets, it will reduce your midnight snacking considerably. When proper diets are followed, your body becomes healthy and you do not feel like eating unhealthy snacks. In the long run, this will also help you to avoid all diseases and aid in weight loss too.

Our diet plans will assist you in walking the path of good health and wellbeing. We help you in easily eliminating unfavourable habits from your life, resulting in a healthier lifestyle.

Now bid goodbye to bad habits and binge eating, and say hello to a healthy lifestyle!

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