Nutrition – Know it All

Nutrition – We have heard this word. We know it is important. We understand that it is something essential to us.
However, let us now understand what is exactly ‘nutrition’, comprehending why its significance, and getting to know how we can achieve it.
Nutrition is about maintaining and eating a healthy diet. Right from knowing what is healthy and choosing it over unhealthy junk food, it is better to select nutrition every time. You might think that junk food is tastier, fried foods are yummier, however, they might not be nutritious. It is vital to select nutrition though it might lack taste or so. Once you are aware of what is nutritious and what is good for you, it will be easier to walk on this path.
The more you take care of your body, then it may take care of you in the long run. Excess of anything is not good for you. It is important to maintain a balance for everything. Even nutritious foods are good to have in a particular quantity. You must know how much, when, and what to eat so that you can help keep your body running smoothly.

How important is good nutrition?
Good nutrition is very important, in every sense. When you follow a nutritious diet, it is easier to maintain a healthy weight. Over time, when you follow a good diet, sleep well, and exercise regularly, it assists in maintaining good nutrition. However, there are more than a few aspects that go into good nutrition.
You must take care of your body and treat it like a temple. Feed it good healthy foods so that it last long, in a healthy and good way. Make a list of all the nutritious foods that are good for your body and ensure that you have them. A balanced diet full of proteins, vitamins, calcium, and other nutrients is significant in maintaining your well-being.


Calculating nutritional value

How is the nutritional value of foods calculated?
The various foods and food preparations have nutritional value. But, how are these calculated?
Well, generally, the total caloric value is calculated by adding the calories provided by the energy-containing nutrients such as fat, carbohydrates, and proteins.
Calorie calculation methods differ in distinct scenarios such as recipes and mixed dishes, single-ingredient meals, and full meals. The nutrient and calorie content of individual foods is calculated, which is usually found in the Nutrient Database, given by a specific association.
You can log on to the USDA National Nutrient Database, and choose the food item of interest. There are usually several options to select from. You can choose the item that best matches the foods that you are using!
Just input the amount or quantity of this food, and select “Apply Changes”. Also, note that there are particular gram values for all given unit measures, which is the same unit utilized on the Nutrition Facts labels. Sometimes, the labels are also not given properly.

What are some nutrition tips?

Do you find it difficult to walk on the nutritious path? Well, then just relax! Here, are some great and easy-to-follow nutritious tips and tricks, that will assist you in walking on this path, with ease. Following are some of the nutrition tips for your good health:

1. Eat nuts, dry fruits, and seeds:

Dry fruits and nuts
Almonds. Walnuts. Cashews.
These are the magic foods that help to build your body, over time. Nuts help to build nutrition and keep you healthy.
When you are going off to bed, just soak some nuts. Put a few almonds, walnuts, raisins, and some chia seeds in water. And when you wake up, just put some milk and cornflakes in this mixture, and have it in the morning. This is so healthy and good for your body.
Moreover, black raisins are also a good option which has a pretty good nutrition level. Prunes also help benefit your health in various ways.
Furthermore, you drink soaked chia seeds, they are comparatively safe to have. When you eat lots of seeds, there is a risk of getting kidney stones, and that is why soaked seeds might be a good option. Chia seeds become softer when you soak them overnight, or for a few hours.
Also, you can soak flax seeds for the safe side. These seeds are high in omega-3 and can be a good vegetarian alternative for omega-3 nutrients.
Flaxseeds have Omega-3 nutrients along with many other vitamins and minerals. One thing you can do to protect yourself from kidney stones due to having seeds is that can roast flax seeds and once they cool down, just put it in the mixer and powder it. Then, just have a spoon of this flaxseed powder along with your nighttime milk. This can help your body run smoothly in the long run.

2. Get enough sleep:

Do you love to sleep?
Well, then here is some good news for you! Sleep is really good for you as the body needs its time to rest. During sleep, the body heals itself and grows.
However, one thing must be taken care of, too much sleeping is also not that good. Sleeping all day and all night can make you lazy, lethargic and you might not feel like doing anything. It can make you inactive too.
Sleep is required, but more important is the timing. A good sleep-time of 6 to 7 hours is required. This sleep should be at a stretch. Sometimes, it is recommended to have an eight-hour sleep, but six to seven hours’ of sleep is pretty good as well, at times.
Depending upon your lifestyle and way of living, it is good to decide on a proper time to sleep. Keep the timing fixed for each day. Also, keep the hours of sleeping fixed.
While sleeping, your body rests and heals itself. Good peaceful sleep also keeps you fresh and refreshes you completely, gearing you up for the rest of the day.
When your sleep is not complete, you will feel drowsy all day, whereas when you are fresh, you will feel fresh as a flower!

3. Drink water:

drink enough water
Water is the magic portion!
People around the world swear by the benefits of water. Water helps to keep your body running smoothly in the long run.
There are easy tips and tricks in which you can make sure you get enough water throughout the day!
Just keep a bottle of water with you!
Sometimes you might feel tired and not feel like going to the kitchen to grab a glass of water, again and again. Keeping a water bottle with you, and making sure that you drink at least three liters of water all day.
Also, when you drink glass-wise you might not know how much you have had. If you drink in a water bottle, it helps to keep you hydrated. Moreover, you can also purchase a copper water bottle. Drinking in a copper vessel has its own set of advantages. Copper helps to keep you healthy.
Some people also suggest drinking water before meals to clear off your system. Also, it is advised to drink water before tea, to avoid any harmful effects from tea.

4. Avoid Processed Foods:

Avoid fast food
French Fries!
Well, it is better to say goodbye to all these junk and processed foods. They are not good for your health and body as a whole. Instead, opt for healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains, lentils, and so many more nutritious options. These will help you grow in a good manner and contribute to your well-being.
There might be many shops, outlets, and food chains that might urge you to try foods that are not good for you. One thing you can do here is already stock up on healthy items. Whenever you feel hungry, just eat healthy stuff and fill yourself up. When you are full, and you look at a junk food preparation, you might not even feel the urge to eat it.
In this way, you will be able to avoid eating such processed foods altogether. Also, just five minutes spent on enjoying these food items could not be preferable for your body. Keeping this mindset you should avoid eating such stuff.
Whenever you forgo such foods, just feel good about yourself to opt for healthy options!

5. Taking vitamin D3 if you are not exposed to the sun that much:
Well, you might be surprised that vitamin D3 helps you in more ways than one!
D3 has several health benefits, and hence, it is best to avoid the deficiency of this vitamin.
While, sunlight is the best source of Vitamin D! Whenever you wake up in the morning, just go about strolling in the sun. Walk around for a while, and make sure you get enough sunlight. You can even opt for cycling in the sun.
Just get up early morning and walk your way in the sun. Every day even if you receive an hour of direct sunlight, it could prove beneficial to you.
However, if you do not receive enough sunlight, make sure you have your D3 levels checked. It is a critical vitamin and if you do not receive much sun exposure, you could choose to take supplements of this vitamin. Sometimes, when the vitamin D level is too low, doctors advise on taking injections for vitamin D as well.
Also, calcium is important for vitamin D. Since if you have good calcium it will help to absorb vitamin D. Hence, many times it is suggested to have a combination of both of these. Although, if your calcium levels are pretty good but D levels are not good, then you could choose to just have D supplements. Usually, a vitamin D supplement is taken once a week, for several weeks, usually eight, consulting a doctor. This power vitamin has a variety of benefits such as increased strength, reduced depression, lower risk of cancer, and over time, improved bone health too!
When a vitamin has such a series of advantages, why to avoid it, right?
So, make sure you have enough of this vitamin, which may help you to live a longer life as well!

6. Fruits and Vegetables:

Fruits and Vegetables
These are a boon! Many people say that we are born to eat plants and that’s all that we should have! Since the plants grow, it will help our body to grow as well.
Vegetables and fruits have lots of minerals, antioxidants, prebiotic fiber, and much more! They can keep our bodies healthy in various ways.
Also, have you noticed? Whenever we eat fresh fruits and lightly sauteed healthy vegetables, we feel lighter at times. We do not feel bloated that much. Also, we feel a lot more active in a plant-based diet. We are also able to do a lot more work.
Moreover, studies have shown that people who eat fruits and vegetables live longer and have a lower risk of obesity, illnesses, type 2 diabetes, and heart diseases. With so many advantages at your hand, it is good to opt for a plant-based diet, filled with vegetables and fruits.

7. Keep your protein-intake well:


Protein is extremely significant for your body!
You must make sure that you have enough of it which may result in optimal health. Also, this nutrient is crucial for weight loss!
See, one thing is observed that when you increase your protein intake, you feel full, and you may automatically have fewer calories thereon. It assists in reducing craving for a variety of foods. It also helps to lower blood pressure levels and lowers blood sugar too.

8. Avoid sugary drinks:

Avoid sugar drinks
Are you fond of cola?
Do you like to drink aerated drinks?
Are sugary drinks a must for you?
Well, then it’s time to stop right away! Sugary drinks are a strict no-no when you want to follow a healthy and nutritious diet. Even if you feel like drinking such drinks, you must avoid the habit. Instead, choose drinking water, in fact, lots of it.
When your stomach is full of water, you might not even feel the urge to drink aerated drinks. Whatever be, you must take alternative actions to avoid such sugary drinks, at all costs.

Thus, with all the above tricks, you can have a good lifestyle change. With this knowledge, expertise, and tips to maintain nutrition, you will be able to keep your body healthy and walk on the path of wellbeing. We guide our clients towards a nutritious lifestyle, with ease!

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