How to become a Integrative nutritionist and a Gut Health Caoch

How to become a Integrative nutritionist and a Gut Health Caoch

Integrative Nutritionists and health coaches are a bridge in a person’s life, as they provide the missing information that other health care givers cannot or are too busy for. They are aware of the science of food which can help the people and groups of people for making the correct choices in what they eat. When people eat nourishing combinations of foods at the right timing, their health can be outstanding. Just by watching what we eat and how much quantity, optimum health can be achieved. Nutritionists and health coaches guide people to live healthy lives by eating the right foods. Nutritionists and Health Caoching generally work in the community, health projects, public health, research, overseas aid projects, private practice and run health cafes world wide. When a person follows a proper diet prescribed by these experst, it is possible that they can achieve great health, as what we eat contributes a lot to what we become.

They even educate people on what foods contain all nutrients such as spinach, kale, drumsticks  and how they can contribute to healthy lives. Each food has a set of nutrients that can make people be free of diseases and live healthily. So, now let’s see how Payal Kothari can help you to become a nutritionist, and a gut health coach and what all you need to do to become certified and experienced one!

How do I become a nutritionist?

How do I become a nutritionist?

By joining INUEN’s sixteen week course, you can become a certified nutritionist and a health coach. With interesting studies, deep learning, and certification, you can become an expert in this field. Payal Kothari’s institute provides certification in the nutrition field so that you can avail several career choices and make the right lifestyle choices as well. Nutrition is a great and huge sphere wherein ways and scientific methods are learned by which the body can be kept healthy.

With people these days leaning towards healthy lifestyles, and choosing to avoid junk and other gut damaging unhealthy choices, we can be successful in revolutionizing good health and wellbeing. We can together fight and prevent obesity and choose fitness in this process. Payal Kothari’s institute provides Nutrition certification so that you can indulge in this process of good physical and mental health, and also guide your family in this path creating a ripple effect. Moreover, you will be certified to guide others and make nutrition your career!

What are human nutrition and dietetics?

human nutrition and dietetics

Dietetics can be referred to as the science of how food and nutrition affect human health. The field of dietetics has a strong emphasis on public health and a commitment to educating all Americans about the importance of making appropriate dietary choices. When you make the right diet choices, you can be successful in achieving good health and wellness. What you eat is very important and contributes to your overall health. Hence, you must choose what you eat carefully. Moreover, what you eat, at what time, and at what time, matters a lot. Knowledge about human nutrition and dietic is very essential for a normal person too. So, even if you aren’t a nutritionist, it is important that you know eating what is good for your health. If you are not sure about it, it is a good choice to visit a nutritionist and understand what works great for your body and the quantities in which you must have food. If you take proper care of your diet, you can be healthy for a long time. Therefore, this sphere of health and nutrition is crucial to be followed by everyone.

We, at INUEN, offer you knowledge as well as certification, so that you can help shape the society in nutrition and also prosper in this field, and help the society to walk on this integral path and live happy lives.

How do I become a certified nutritionist and a health coach at INUEN?

certified nutritionist and a health coach

With the online INUEN Nutritionist and Health Coaching Certificate, not only will you get the right knowledge about health and nutrition in this course, but you will also be certified in this field and become an authority in the same. You can receive your certificate under an expert the Nutrition Health Coach, Payal Kothari, author of the book, “The Gut” who is active in this field of nutrition since the age of 14. She has worked greatly in the field of mental wellness and Gut health and has won many accolades for the same. To gain experience and training under such a master is indeed a great achievement and opportunity that you must not miss! The certificate also has an international approval from USA – IAO – International Accrededation Organisation.

By noticing different types of people and comprehending their personalities, you will be able to understand how dietetics works for different people. The more the experience, the more you will be able to advise well on nutrition. One food might work wonderfully for one person, and another can work wonderfully for another person, a food can be poison for some and nourishing for some. That what you will learn at INUEN, bio-individuality. It is important that you understand the bodily working and lifestyle of the particular individual, and advise on the diets accordingly. Once you are a certified nutritionist with ample experience, you can even consider doing your practice.

Where can I study nutrition in India?

study nutrition in India

INUEN is the place for you if you want to study nutrition in India! INUEN provides an online sixteen week nutrition certification course that can transform your health and lifestyle through online education. This will empower you to build successful careers in all genres that you wish to pursue. You can either be a gut health coach or an influencer, you can be a blogger or a counselor, you can be a consultant or a nutritionist, so in all, you have got a lot of choices in hand. Once you do this course, you are eligible for a lot of career choices that you can go for!

More about the course:

The learning will be done through the lectures and will be uploaded timely on Monday of every week. This will help you to access the lectures from anywhere that you want to. Moreover, the course period is short and is created in such a way that you benefit on a maximum level from it. The modules in the course provide in-depth knowledge about what is the anatomy of the body, macronutrients, gut health, nutrition, hormones, exercise, body anatomy and assisting the clients with mental wellness as well as keeping healthy. Also, you will get to know about how to fill health history forms, schedule appointments, business strategy, coaching calls, blogging, marketing and so much more. So, your overall course will not only guide you about nutrition but also the business and marketing aspects of it.

Overall, in just 16 weeks, 16 online videos and online lives with Payal Kothari herself you will become specialized in this nutritionist and health coaching arena and will know a lot about it. You will know what’s good to eat, what’s not, curate weight loss plans for yourself and clients what lifestyle choices to take, how to manage your clients, how to know more about their health history, perfectly guide them, and market your knowledge well.  Furthermore, we will also provide recipes that you can try and suggest to others for a healthy choice. These recipes can help you receive balanced nutrition and the preparation techniques can be such that they will be advantageous to you in every way. We will assist you completely as we are passionate about nutrition!

Join the Wellness movement:

So, as the world is walking on the path of good health and wellbeing, and giving more and more importance to healthy choices, this is the perfect career for you at the moment. People are looking forward to avoiding junk food and choosing a nutritious diet that can keep them healthy for long. Since children these days opt for indoor games and social media more, rather than going out in the open, it is preferable to offer them a good diet that can keep them strong from the inside. A good diet can also keep your mood uplifted and grant you good health, along with keeping your family healthy.

What courses do we provide? offers an online nutrition certification course that will give you a certificate on successfully learning and passing the exam. With this course, you can transform the health and lifestyle of people positively. Nutrition education may indirectly improve one’s self-image by improving feelings of wellbeing, improved appearance through weight control, increased motivation, skills, and knowledge. A variety of jobs are available once you are a certified nutritionist such as Integrative Nutritionist, Gut Health Coach, Certified Nutrition Specialist Credential, Public Health Nutritionist, Food Safety Auditor, Nutritional Therapist, and Personal Nutritionist.

A fruitful career awaits you with this course in a wide range of genres from which you can choose from. You can even become a wellness blogger, an influencer, or a health coach when you are a certified nutritionist. Also, you can work beside a doctor, at a school as a nutritionist, as a health chef, at an organization, or create healthy products. Moreover, you can also be a healthy homemaker so that you choose healthy foods and lifestyle for yourself and your family. You can choose anything that you want. Empower yourself with nutritive knowledge with this course and become a certified nutrition and health coach.

Why choose us?

Why choose us

Since this course is designed by the expert herself, she can guide excellently. The Health and Wellness Coach Payal Kothari has immense experience as well as certifications in this field and is a renowned integrative nutritionist and a gut health coach and author of the book “The Gut”. Her work is recognized by various magazines and tabloids. With a collection of over 250 articles, she speaks about a range of topics such as mental wellness, nutrition, health myths to bust, healthy recipes, transformations, weight-loss, and much more. So, when you learn from the master herself, you will get to know what exactly is right in this field and what can work best for you. With such a varied sea of experience, you can make sure that you are in the right hands for gaining your nutrition and health knowledge.


On a whole, we learn that with a variety of courses and taking step-by-step decisions in this process, you will be able to become a certified nutritionist. With Payal Kothari, you do not have to worry about anything, as you can ensure that you are on the right track as far as nutrition is concerned. You will gain immense training and appropriate knowledge, along with the certification, that will ensure that you can have a variety of career choices that you can opt for. You will have a range of choices as far as career is concerned, and you can step in whatever role that you want to go for. So, enroll in our nutrition course and become a nutritionist, and transform your life with good health and lifestyle choices, as well as help others to do the same!

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