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Full body detox: Rejuvenate your body

In our daily schedule, we do not get much time to relax and rejuvenate our bodies. We keep performing our daily chores without much concentration on relaxing our bodies and ourselves. However, it is important that we take care of our body first as we have to ensure that it keeps fit in the long run. For this purpose, it is vital that you detoxify for your body so that it remains fresh and clean.

What happens when you detox?after detox

Detox helps us in several ways such as removing the toxins from the body and promoting weight loss. Primarily, it will help to improve the overall health of your body. The digestive system will be better and all your organs will function properly as they will get rejuvenated. The toxins, germs, and bad bacteria will be thrown out of the body, and the entire system will get a cleansing. The detox diets generally include the usage of vitamins, teas, minerals, diuretics, laxatives, and other types of foods that have a range of detoxifying properties. When you detoxify your body from time to time, you will feel more relaxed. Detoxification also helps you to stay healthy and fit. Detoxification will keep all the diseases at bay and make sure that your immune system remain healthy always. With a robust immunity, your body will be able to fight with any germ or bacteria with ease, and you will remain fit. Detoxification is a must, specially after gorging on too much food, after a holiday, or a festival too, depending upon your diets.

How long does it take the body to detox?detox time

Detox programs are generally from 3 to 7 days. However, it differs from person to person, depending upon how much time an individual requires for the detox. It varies from body to body, the time required to flush out all the toxins so as to relax it completely. Sometimes, it can happen really fast, it could be a day and you might feel detoxified. This will improve your mood as well as energy levels. All the toxins when eliminated from your body, your body will feel relaxed and remain fit always.

Benefits of detox

Detox can help you get rid of the toxins from your body. It will provide you long-term as well as short-term benefits, so you will feel like going for a detox again and again. Right from improving digestion to ensuring that your liver stays healthy, detoxification can help the bodily processes run smoothly and keep it healthy always. Having detox days fixed monthly or weekly, can make sure that you are reminded that it’s the day to detox. So, just fix a reminder and you will know you need to get your detoxification done. Let us look at the variety of advantages that detox has to offer:

  1. Improves digestion:Improves digestion

When your digestion is proper and timely, you feel fresh all the time. Sometimes, when you do not have proper bowel movements, it might get you irritated. Although, when you do detox plan, all the toxins are eliminated from the body, which helps to keep it clean and aid your digestive system to run smoothly. Keeping yourself hydrated is vital for your bowel movements otherwise chronic dehydration can lead to a feeling of sluggishness and bloating. It can also cause constipation. When you drink enough water, your gut will feel healthy and it will prevent constipation as well.

  1. Improving the liver function:Improving the liver function

Sometimes, the lifestyle habits of a person such as alcohol, carbonated beverages, nicotine, and caffeinated drinks, and also fatty foods, can work against the liver, causing it damage. It becomes very essential to detox your body in this case to ensure proper functioning. Detox lets all the toxins out from your body and ensures that it functions properly. Whatever food we eat, the toxins form those must be completely eliminated and detoxification does that. It helps in providing digestive juices to the system and separate them from the healthy nutrients. Add juicy and fresh cucumbers to your detox water, and keep sipping it throughout your day. This will be light on your stomach. These also stimulate urination and are very rich in diuretics. This will make sure that you do not have water retention and eliminate all your water toxins.

  1. Helps in weight-loss:Helps in weight-loss

Generally, when you drink lots of water, it could help you in losing weight. This is applicable to detox water as well. It is said that your metabolic rate rises when you drink water and calories are also burnt. When people on a diet drink more water, they are bound to lose weight faster, many a times. This happens mainly because of the rise in metabolic rate. Also, water has an effect on your appetite. You might not feel that hungry or the urge to gorge on food, when you drink water before a meal. Therefore, you tend to eat less which can result in weight-loss.

  1. Improve energy levels and a mood-booster:Improve energy levels and a mood-booster

Every person wants to feel happy and relaxed, and the cheapest way to do that might be to drink water, lots of it. Water helps you to keep your calm and feel at peace. It is said that even a little dehydration could affect your mood, and make you feel frustrated. Also, your concentration levels could decrease due to drinking of less water. Moreover, it is beneficial to keep your energy levels up too. According to certain studies, it is said that even a 1% dehydration level can also cause headaches, reduce the span of concentration, and lower your moods. It is also researched that when adults drinks enough water, they have more energy, feel a lot calmer, and are generally happier. So, time to look at your water intake, and make sure that you are drinking enough water so that your energy levels are up and your mood is elevated all the time.

  1. Boosting the Immunity:Boosting the Immunity

The immune function is a significant part of your bodily processes. It helps you to keep away from all diseases and keeps your completely fit. Eating lots of vegetables and fruits can help to keep your immune system strong and robust, so that diseases are not able to touch you.

Moreover, it is said that when you eat vitamin C on a daily basis, it will be advantageous to your immune system. So, try to drink lots of lemon juice and oranges, which are power-packed with vitamin C. Whenever you are sitting to do your work, keep a glass or bottle of lemon juice with you, preferably without sugar. Just keep sipping it throughout the day, which will help to keep you loaded with vitamin C.

Also, keep oranges at home, so that whenever you are free, you can just peel an orange and have it. It is said that fruits must be taken before meals, so just eat an orange or two before your meals. This will help to give you enough vitamin C and you will not need any supplements at all. Just make sure you do this on a regular basis so that your body has enough of the vitamin. Furthermore, let us tell you that the nutrients that you gain from drinking of detox water could be very minimum and could vary from person to person. Also, detox water might or might not have meaningful benefit to the immunity.

  1. Improve your skin texture:skin texture

When you have beautiful skin, you feel that you are glowing with confidence. Water is a magical potion to improve your skin texture and also helps to reduce acne considerably. Whenever you are looking forward to reduce your acne or eliminate it, it is generally advised that you drink lots of water. Detox helps to clear your skin so that you can enjoy clean and clear skin. It helps to reduce all inflammations and clean your body completely. When the toxins and bad bacteria are removed from your body, your skin automatically shows the results. Also, it minimizes the ageing signs so it will make you look younger too. When there are chemical deposits and environmental pollutants in the air, your skin might face dryness and wrinkles. But, when you have detox drinks loaded with vitamin C, your skin cells become purified, making your glow and feel rejuvenated. Also, when you eat fruits like raspberries, it contains ketones which is said to improve the skin considerably. Also, drinking apple cider vinegar will provide you with enzymes that help in digestion, thus, keeping your gut clean and assisting in keeping your skin healthy.

  1. Reduction in inflammation:

When you have full heavy meals every day, your body is always on the go, by keeping the digestive processes going on, non-stop. However, since the liver is also cleaned with the relaxation in digestive processes, you provide your body with some rest. The free radicals are reduced in the body that may lead to inflammation and cause chronic diseases. The ingredients that help to reduce inflammation are many such as ginger, watermelon, and many more. Ginger could be consumed along with tea. So, if you are not doing it already, whenever you make tea, just grate some ginger in it and boil it, so that the nutrients of ginger get distributed in the tea. Ginger is proved to be highly effective against the inflammation. Also, along with dinner, you can just slice small pieces of ginger and you can have it raw. You can also include this raw ginger in your dal or sabzi, to dilute the taste and consume it. Moreover, ensure that you bite your food, as it is said that any food must be chewed 32 times, so that you make it easier on your digestive system. When you chew the food very well and pass it on to your digestive system, you do a lot of work on behalf of your system. Now the system needs to absorb the nutrients and do other processes, your gut will remain stronger this way. Furthermore, watermelon helps to fight inflammation too. Watermelons are abundant in vitamin A and vitamin B, which helps to reduce ageing of your skin. This will make you look younger even if you are 90. It will reduce radical damage as well.

  1. Balancing the pH level of the body:Balancing the pH level of the body

During the current times, many people are stressing on the importance of alkalizing drinks and foods. They have become a trend. They are said to promote a higher alkaline environment in the body and reduce the acidity. It will also lead to better health based on the theories, as it is not possible to alter the pH of your cells or blood with the foods you eat. It is better to drink alkaline water and walk your way to good health and always-healthy body.

There are alkaline water purifiers available in the market, that will provide you with alkaline water. They might be expensive as compared to others, but will really benefit your body in the long run. Also, water bottles are available providing alkaline water, that can benefit you in various ways. You can just call for a crate or two, just to get started and notice the difference. Make sure that you have shifted to alkaline water, if not done already.



Overall, detox really helps to clean your body and keep running the bodily processes in a healthy way. Your digestive system will run smoothly, keeping you away from all diseases. After a detox, you will feel rejuvenated and fit, and it will ensure that your body is healthy in the long run. The organs of the body will also enjoy rest, as you are drinking the detoxifying drinks. They will not have much workload and it will be a holiday for them, which will help them to work better after the detoxification. We advise the detoxification process and many other ways in which you can improve your health, so that you are completely fit and enjoy a long and healthy life!


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